The realism of today's electric fireplaces is almost impossible to describe. You really must see one for yourself. In Europe, this category of hearth products is exploding, and it is European technology that has revitalized this product in the American marketplace.

Some manufacturers provide the illusion of fire with light, spinning drums and unique materials. Others use holograms.

But, in addition to flame appearance, a key selling point has to be convenience. There are no gas lines to install, and they can go absolutely anywhere in the home. All you need is a wall and a normal electrical outlet. And, you can take the electric unit with you if you move.
Primary customers for an electric fireplace are those living in apartments or condominiums, and also the elderly, where perhaps an open fire is not advisable, not allowed, or space is at a premium.

These units can be true space heaters. Concealed among the logs or above the fireplace are thermostatically controlled heaters that turn on and off automatically in response to room temperature requirements.

Elegant facings and mantels offer the same aesthetic appeal as conventional installations. The choice is yours and the look of your electric heating product may vary from textured wood to decorative cast marble in a wide variety of colors, finishes and configurations.

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