Weather the storm with Harman or Quadrafire and the experts at Tall Pines Farm, Rte 167 South, just outside of Montrose.

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Serving hearth owners from Binghamton, NY to Scranton, PA with stoves and fireplaces from the most respected manufacturers in the hearth industry, the folks at Tall Pines Farm offer you a large assortment of products by an experienced and knowledgeable sales and service team.

We can ease your decision process. Whether you are looking for a stove, fireplace insert, or fireplace, we can help you take your dream and make it a functional, cozy element of your home.
Our certified and highly trained staff, installation and service engineers will answer your questions and assist you to make the heating choice that fits your lifestyle and integrates into your home's environment.

Let us help you to:
  • Choose your fuel .... gas, wood, pellets, coal, or electricity.
  • Choose your style ... from functional, traditional, contemporary, euro, or eclectic.
  • Choose complete installation services or expert advice on how to do it yourself.

    Your choice of Tall Pines Farm will validate why many Southern Tier New Yorkers and Northern Tier Pennsylvanians over the past 45 years have made us their place to visit for anything that has to do with the hearth.

    Come in and feel the warmth from our burning display stoves. Tall Pines Farm is easy to find in the countryside. The drive is well worth the effort.

    Did You Know That 1 Cord of Seasoned Hardwood Generates Approximately As Much Energy As:

  • 200 Gallons Of No. 2 Heating Oil
  • 1,800 Lbs. Of Coal
  • 32,000 Cubic Feet of Natural Gas
  • 251 Gal. Of Propane Gas
  • 6,500 KW of Electricity


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    Top 10 Reasons To Burn Wood

    1. It's a renewable energy resource.
    Renewable means you don't run out. Renewable means you don't deplete the earth's resources. Wood is energy from the sun, stored by the tree as it grows. When you burn wood you are releasing this stored energy. In the dark of winter, it is like having a bit of summer sun on your hearth.

    2. No global warming.
    When fuels burn they release carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas responsible for global warming. Burning fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas is like pumping carbon dioxide from the center of the earth into the atmosphere, Trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow. When wood burns, the carbon dioxide is released, only to be absorbed again by young trees. Because trees recycle carbon dioxide, woodburning just warms you, not the globe.

    3. You're in charge.
    Stop writing checks every month to the energy utilities. Take control by heating with wood. In our climate, staying warm is right up there on the list of the most important things in life. Do you really want to leave something so important in the hands of a faceless corporation?

    4. No more freezing in the dark

    The big, centralized energy sources are not very reliable. When a storm interrupts the electrical supply, all the conventional heating systems are useless; the fancy heat pump falls silent, the gas furnace can't work. But the wood stove or fireplace keeps you warm and cozy and safe. Now a power failure is kind of fun; you get to use the candles.

    5. Warms you like no other
    The radiant heat from a stove or fireplace is like the rays of the sun. It warms you through and through. Come in from the storm and stand near the fire rubbing your hands together. It's one of life's small pleasures.

    6. The romance of the flame.
    Sure it's a cliche, but that doesn't make it any less true. The soft glow of the fire is the favorite setting for an intimate conversation. It's the place where friends and family gather to talk and laugh in comfort. Gazing into the fire, your imagination is free to soar on flights of fancy or probe the depths of the soul. Take a break from the harsh world outside. You'll find solace there in the flames.

    7. Raise your energy I.Q.

    Flick the switch, turn up the thermostat. Now, what did that cost? What impact did it have on the natural world? What sins were committed in getting that energy to you? You're in touch when you heat with wood. That arm load will last the day. That log you placed on the fire is a tangible measure of the cost to the environment of keeping your family warm. It's the wood heat way of knowledge.

    8. Heat a space: save some energy

    Well-planned space heating saves energy. That stove or fireplace in the living room keeps you warm and cozy in the place you spend your time. The basement and bedrooms stay cool. Regardless of what you pay for energy, space heating with wood clips 25% right off the top.

    9. Invest in your community

    Spend a buck on oil, natural gas or electricity and you feed a corporate giant. Spend a buck on firewood and you feed a neighbor. Save a buck by heating with wood and you can spend that buck in your community. Heating with wood makes you richer in ways beyond counting.

    10. It's cheaper!
    We almost forgot to mention it. Wood is the cheapest heating fuel you can use if you don't live in a large city. Some people actually think the only reason we heat with wood is to save money. Poor souls, they miss so much of what is good in life.


    Wood Heat is Essential to Carbon Drawdown


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