Bring together a zero-clearance woodburning fireplace and the Environmental Protection Agency and what do you get? One fantastic, EPA Certified/WA state approved fireplace! Being a zero-clearance model makes for installation ease and the adaptability to a smaller 6" chimney.

Standard Features

60,000 BTU/hr Input
8,000 BTU/hr Minimum Burn Rate
73% efficient
EPA Certified / WA approved / Non-Catalytic
High Quality Pyro-Ceram Glass (15 1/2" X 28")
Speed Control with Receptacle Assembly
Arched Glass Valance
Air-Wash System
Large Burning Area - Fits up to 22" logs
Air-Seal 10 gauge Steel Door
Adapts to a 6" Class "A" HT, Metal Insulated Chimney
Zero Clearance
(2) Heat Duct knock-outs for optional ducting
10 year limited warranty

Optional Features

Black, Chrome or Brushed Nickel grills
Numerous decorative door options
Fan Kit
44" Lintel Iron
6" Flexible Heat Duct Kit (#970 kit required)


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