Hitzer model 55 Furnace is integrated with design and satisfaction. This stove utilizes the basic design of the model 55 stove, while capitalizing on the availability provided by preexisting ductwork. To meet the convenience of our customers this stove was designed to capture the heat produced by the stove and with the provided ductwork, distribute it directly to different locations throughout your home. This provides evenly warm heat to the locations you desire. By having a large fuel door and firebox this allows for multiple fuel types and sizes as well as btu ratings of 60,000 btu’s. With this exceptional design this stove has heating capabilities of up to 2,000 square feet. Developed to meet customer’s satisfaction the stove is accompanied with multiple available options to meet your needs.

The stove may be used as a radiant version or with an optional 460 cfm blower. Another popular option is an air filter housing system that can accompany a blower unit. The latest option for satisfaction and convenience is an optional water coil for heating domestic hot water. This stove can be used as cost efficient primary source of heat with amazing heat outputs. Enjoy the qualities of this Hitzer stove.


Clearance Unit Flue
Side Wall 28" 18"
Back Wall 28" 18"
Floor Protection Front Side Rear
Dimensions 16" 8" 8"
Unit Width Depth Height
Stove 22" 26" 44"
Firebox 15" 22" 25"
Fuel Door 11" 12"
Unit Measurement
Flue Size 6"
Sq. Ft Capability 2,000
BTU Rating 11,000 - 60,000
Floor to Flue Measurement
Top of Flue 39 1/2"
Floor to Flue 33 1/2"


Automatic Thermostat Control
Steel Construction
Sliding Damper System
Cast Iron Grates
Exterior Grate Shaker
Removable Ash Pan
Pewter Accents
fuel door spring
ash door spring
damper rosette knob
Firebrick Lined
6" Flue
Stove Bright Paint
Multiple Fuel Capabilities
Anthracite Coal
Bituminous Coal
12" inch heat duct collar

Optional Features

Radiant Model
Blower Model
460 CFM Blower
Filter Housing with Blower
Hot Water Coil
Optional Stove Bright Paint


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