Beauty and efficient operation come alive together with the Jøtul GF 400 DV Sebago. Handsomely detailed in cast iron, this stove's nautical styling recalls the coves and shores of Lake Sebago, locked amid the rock and pines of Maine. Incorporating Jøtul's new revolutionary cast iron and stainless steel burner, the JøtulBurner™, and Jøtul Heat Fin™ technology, the Jøtul GF 400 DV Sebago is the perfect medium size heater for any home.

Popular options include: antique brick panel kit, wall thermostat, remote control, floor bracket kit, variable speed blower fan kit, short leg kit


Revolutionary new JøtulBurner™ delivers unsurpassed gas burner technology and flame picture realism

Conversion kit included for use with propane gas

Large fire viewing area with open door capability

No electricity required to operate the stove

Technical spec

BTU Range: 32,000 High 16,000 Low
Gas Types: NG, LP
Approx weight: 190 lbs


BRM - Brown Majolica
BP - Black Paint
BBE - Blue Black Enamel


Measurements (HxWxD): 28.5 x 26.5 x 24 in


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