The EuroStar pellet stove fits perfectly between the Bio-45 and Euromax. Modern, powerful, but nevertheless compact, this pellet stove offers a bottom-feed technology that guaranties you flexibility in the brand of fuel you choose. The touch-screen control panel provides infinite possibilities while keeping the operation surprisingly simple. Side shields are offered in both metallic black and enameled colors. They are sure to add a contemporary touch to any decor. With its powerful convection blower, the EuroStar will impress you by its capacity to align the need for heat with the desire to create a modern and stylish setting.

Model # : EP00055
High-efficiency EPA certified appliance
Recommended Heating Area (sq. ft.) : 750 à 2,400
Electronic igniter
Thermostatic or manual mode
Premium quality convection blower included (CFM) : 200
Approved for a mobile home installation
Color : Metallic black
Model : Pedestal
Easy-to-access ash drawer
Glass air-wash system
Optimum efficiency : 78%
Average particulate emissions rate : 2.18 g/h
Baffle type : Stainless steel
Burn rate : 1.1-5.5 lb/h
Combustion Technology : Bottom-feed
Maximum burn time : 13 - 40 h
Hopper capacity : 70 lb
Number of intensity levels : 6
Maximum Capacity : 50,000 BTU
Minimum Capacity : 8,500 BTU
Tested and listed as per applicable standards by : An accredited laboratory


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