The smooth shapes of the cast iron combined with the contemporary style of the Destination 2.3 make this stove the perfect choice to align style and heating power. The decorative side shields, which can be offered with a stainless steel finish, remind us of the contradiction offered by wood heating: a modern and efficient energy, witness of our evolution through the Ages. Logs can be easily placed underneath the large firebox, making the Destination 2.3 a convenient and elegant heating appliance. Dedicated users will appreciate the standard blower to further harness the exceptional convection power offered by this stove.

Model # : EB00022
High-efficiency EPA certified appliance
Recommended Heating Area (sq. ft.) : 750 à 2,100
Premium quality convection blower included (CFM) : 120
Approved for a mobile home installation
Color : Metallic black
Model : Pedestal
Easy-to-access ash drawer
Glass air-wash system
Steel thickness – top : 5/16"
Optimum efficiency : 77.2%
Average particulate emissions rate : 3.89 g/h
Baffle type : High heat-resistant C-cast
Maximum burn time : 6 - 8 h
Recommended connector pipe diameter : 6''
Tested and listed as per applicable standards by : An accredited laboratory


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