Virtually the same as Leisure Line's # 1 selling coal stoker stove, this unit puts out up to 90,000 BTUs and can be in a low-flue chimney or power vented directly out the back, hiding any pipes. The fan speed is controlled automatically with our Coal-Trol thermostat for up to 265CFM.



Our Pioneer LE Back Vent comes standard with everything you would want in a quality stoker stove. Smooth and quiet operation is what you can expect from our LE with a unique feeder system second to none. Our back vent LE model can be used in low flue chimneys or can be power vented directly out the back so no pipe will be seen. The ornamental top door and hefty cast iron bottom door along with our digital, programmable Coal-trol thermostat are standard items. With the innovative style of our Pioneer LE, it no longer looks or operates like your grandfather’s coal stove.

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 31 x 27 x 38 in (Depth x Width x Height)
Output Up to 90,000 BTUs
Hopper Holds 110 lbs.
Blower 265 CFM
SKU: SPIOBV01. Category: Stoves.


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